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About Us

We’re just a local company with a lot of heart!

Who is Prairie Creations?

We are a Beaumont, Alberta based woodshop.  We’re a cozy company that developed from a lifetime interest in woodwork and from the joy received from releasing our creative spirits.  Our small shop has a big heart!

Who Owns Prairie Creations?

Donna and Walter Krebs are the owners and operators of the company.  They both have diverse backgrounds, and were always influenced by their creative spirits.

For Walter, this meant a desire to learn woodworking. He always was fascinated by the character of wood, and, the tale it could tell.  As a child, he would sneak into his parent’s garage to experiment with his Dad’s old-school wood tools.  Thankfully, Walter’s skills have improved, substantially, since then. And, he has a good selection of more modern equipment of his own.  And, as the years passed, his love of woodworking grew!

Donna’s creative journey also started in childhood: She loved to colour!  The simple joy of a child sparked a love of colour and the need to create.   As an adult, her need was conveyed through home decorating, knitting, card making, scrap booking and, yes… coloring!  Now, she plays a major role in the design of Prairie Creations’, creations.  Donna has an amazing eye for colour!  And, her childhood love is still expressed via her hand-painted wooden signs.

Together they are “Prairie Creations”:  Your locally sourced, small town woodshop.

What Do You Make?

First, it is important to know that Prairie Creations does like what the lumber store has to offer: Materials such as pine, fir, spruce, cedar and even MDF.  These materials have yielded products like bird houses, bird feeders, fairy houses, nightstand organizers, picture frames, little libraries, easels, puzzles and more.

Still, there is a certain special level of satisfaction one gets from the use of reclaimed materials.  We have designed and created bird houses, fairy houses, bird feeders, business card holders, keepsake boxes, keepsake trays, pencil boxes, framed art, picture frames with leather inserts and more.

Prairie Creations has rescued reclaimed materials such as:  copper from a vintage heater, wood from a windbreak on a farm, pallet wood from local businesses, furniture leather, window latches, spigots, shiplap from a red barn, window shutters, and so much more from our friends at their salvage store.  To give these materials, that are at the end of their current use, another life is very satisfying.

Every reclaimed item has its own story. And, we are very pleased to have played a small part in continuing that story.


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